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All of our products are distributed exclusively by Elegant Invention.

Active Probes

AKL-AD1 (coming soon)

4 GHz active differential probe amplifier. Typically paired with AKL-PD1 passive tip.

Passive Probes

AKL-PD1 (coming soon)

4 GHz passive solder-in probe tip. Typically paired with the AKL-AD1 differential amplifier module, but can also be connected to an oscilloscope via dual SMPM cables and used as a differential transmission line probe with 10:1 attenuation.

AKL-PT1 (coming soon)

6 GHz handheld transmission line probe.

Check out Shahriar's review of a beta unit on The Signal Path!


6 GHz solder-in transmission line probe.

Test Fixtures

AKL-TF-BASET (coming soon)

Test fixture for 10/100/1000baseT Ethernet compliance testing and signal integrity measurements